Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Fear of God........

"The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom...."  (Proverbs 9:10)

I never really understood what this particular proverb meant.  I never really tried to understand.  I never sat down and thought about it in the way I needed to in order to internalize it.  Until last night, as I lay there praying and dealing with insomnia.  (The insomnia thing is a whole different subject.)

Let's understand WHO God is.  HE is the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE.  EVERYTHING you see here was CREATED by GOD.  Nothing was created WITHOUT HIM.  His will is what shaped the world, and all the creatures upon it.  He created the cosmos--the universe.  With His will He created man and woman.

And with a single thought, He could snuff all of it out of existence.  But He doesn't.  Why?  Because He loves US.

More on that in a minute.

Now let's examine another minute fact.  If we were to see God face to face (and this is why I have problems with people that claim to have seen God......Not Jesus, but GOD.) we would be destroyed.  His Glory would obliterate us.  Basically his HOLINESS would destroy our sinful bodies in less than a microsecond.  But because Jesus came, we are able to be FORGIVEN by this being and not obliterated or sent to Hell for eternity due to our stiff necks and sin.

Jesus.  Jesus is the Son of God.  One part of the Trinity.  Jesus performed miracles, healings, raising people from the dead (as did the apostles).  Jesus Himself was put to death, buried, resurrected, and then ascended into Heaven.  Now this same Spirit (The Holy Spirit, that empowers us and that inhabits us, also called the Great Comforter) inhabits US.  The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God Himself that raised Jesus from the dead and by which Jesus did His miracles (as Jesus IS God in flesh form) inhabits US!

Whoa.  When I realized this, plus the thoughts above about just how powerful our Heavenly Father is......I began to understand what HOLY FEAR is.  I began to FEAR THE LORD.  I'm not AFRAID of God in the "there's a monster in my closet" way.  But a Holy Fear of RESPECT for WHO He is and WHAT He is.  What HE could do if Jesus had not died on the cross for us, and what HE WILL DO as we read at the end of the book of Revelation.

To truly understand this is humbling.  To try to internalize it goes against much of our natural instincts as sinful flesh.  But isn't it cool?  That we serve such a power and Holy God?  That "Loved us so much, that He sent His only begotten Son?"

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