Saturday, June 22, 2013

What's right with Christian Comics

I wrote several months back (or maybe last year) a post that was a source of some controversy.  I wrote about what I thought was wrong with what is commonly called "Christian comics".  That is, comics that are written and drawn from a Christian worldview with the meaning to, through art work and writing, witness and/or teach on Christian principles and salvation.  Some choose to do this using superheroes, others choose to do this using other types of stories.  (Testimonies, True to life, etc.)

Now I have to say that I probably short changed a lot of your efforts with my words.  That was not my intention.  This blog is the first in a series about what I feel is right with the efforts of EVERYONE out there!

First and foremost:  THERE ARE PEOPLE DOING IT!  There are many that are writing, drawing, and publishing their work!  They don't let people's words stop them.  And that's a huge thing.  That's something important.  If you have your passion in comics, and want to reach people using them, DO IT.  You can find many of us on facebook and other places that are just like you.  We want to reach people for Christ using the comic book medium.  Some others are going even further, producing animated shorts.

Just realize that it's a battle.  I made a posting about prayer and how important it is to our work.  Don't underestimate that.  Don't underestimate how much prayer will impact not only your life in Christian Comics, but also your life at large.  Paul wrote for us to "Pray without ceasing".  In other translations it reads as "Pray in all things."  So basically, no matter the situation, if you have a question or reach a crossroads:  PRAY!

I'll write more soon.  As it stands, I wanted to get started on this particular series of postings ASAP.  As this series progresses, I will be interviewing people who are out there DOING IT.  Who are using comics to spread God's message of salvation and hope!  (As well as entertaining!)

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