Monday, May 5, 2014

May the 4th be with you; The day after

As I write this, yesterday was May 4th.  A kind of official/unofficial Star Wars day.  So here I am blogging about Star Wars.  Why?  I guess it's to join the fun, even if it's a day late.  Also because my first memory of Star Wars.......

Well let's start with that!

Kid's club at the church my mom attended.  Walked home.  My mom told me that Star Wars was on.  It sounded cool from what she said, so she flipped it on.  We had this 13" black and white TV.  This was early to mid 80's remember.  So I'm there on the floor playing with my GI Joe's and there's this pissed off furry creature on the screen.  Or so it seemed to me at the time.  He was banging on a door howling in a weird sounding growl/howl/speech.  Surrounded by trash.  I got scared spitless.  I begged my mom to turn off the TV.  She did.

Yeah I know that's not Chewie from the movies, but bear with me.  It's the image I have cause it's for sale on my website....

That was my introduction to Star Wars.

Flash forward a year and it was on again.  My mom thought it'd be cool to have me watch it from the actual BEGINNING!  By that time I had discovered the Star Wars figures, so I had a bit more of an introduction to Chewie, Han, Vader and the rest.  I watched it mesmerized.  For my single digit mind, it was unimaginably cool!  It was like GI Joe in SPACE!

Throughout the years I've thoroughly enjoyed the Star Wars Phenomena.  From movies and comics to books and TV.  When I got married it was something my wife and I enjoyed together.  Then when my son was old enough, we enjoyed it as a family.  And still do.

It was the mid-90's when Kenner decided to make figures again.  I musta been about 16 at the time, but still thought they were cool.  And boy were they.  They flew off the shelves!  Some of those figures are part of my store now, part of my inventory, and even the new ones that are being made now (The Black Series) have blown those away!

I gotta say that Star Wars is one of my most cherished memories.  Both from Childhood and Adulthood.  The movies, the comics, the toys..........watching my son play with them brings back the Nostalgic feelings from my childhood once again.  Reading the books and the  And now Star Wars VII will be coming out.

How cool is that?

Star Wars the Black series 3.75" figures.  From Top Left to Bottom Right:  Luke Skywalker (Jedi Training on Dagobah,) Yoda (Jedi Training on Dagobah,) Toryn Farr, Bastilla (from KOTR,)  Dak (Luke's gunner from the Hoth Battle,) and the Snowtrooper Commander.  Now available for Pre-Sale at Beyond Mortality Toys N More!  Get yours today before the dark side triumphs!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Transformers: 80's Nostalgia Today

Transformers.  More than meets the eye.  Transformers.  Robots in disguise.

Man, that brings back memories both old and new.  I, like many of my friends, grew up in the 80's.  The time of Thundercats, He-Man, Silverhawks, GI Joe, and of course........Transformers.

I remember the days of walking into the local thrift store and finding a ton of Transformers for 50 cents each.  I remember making the GI Joe/Transformers crossover happen before it came out from Marvel Comics.  I remember almost all of the figures posted above!  (Even though that's not a picture of my collection, as my 80's and 90's toys mainly got handed down to my son a bit too early in his life, and were subsequently destroyed)  But the nostalgia, the enjoyment that I had with those 1980's Transformers were so awesome.

And I'd be completely remiss if I didn't remember in the same post the cartoon series and movie.

Yet here we are today, with Transformers popular once again.  They're even more complicated than before, cooler looking than before, and my son loves them as much as I did.  We've got figures of all shapes and sizes that we never did before.  Cartoons on the TV, live action Transformers movies, and comic books from IDW that just freaking rock!  And I'll be the first to admit, I still love playing with them and transforming them at 35.  I may not play act with them like I did when I was 8, but I still transform them while squinting at the directions.  Man, the memories that brings back even as small arms on Grimlock's Fall of Cybertron Generations Voyager Class fall off.  Then the search ensues for these two tiny robotic T-Rex arms.  Just to realize that eventually I'll probably have to super-glue them on.  But it doesn't matter, because it's still COOL, and FUN!

The amount of figures and the quality of the sculpts today, not to mention the amount of articulation, is out of this world!  Just look at a couple of these following images!

These are some well designed figures man!  Totally beyond what I had with Rodimus Prime back in the day.  Or Optimus!  But the Nostalgia just oozes from me when I look at these figures.  The memories of hanging out with my buddy Tim or my cousin Sean and playing figures for hours.  GI Joes, Transformers, Star Wars, Thundercats.........all were part of the same storyline.  All made sense to us and we could spend hours upon hours just making these stories up!  I guess that's part of the reason I became a writer and an artist.  And yes, part of the reason I opened an online toy store.  To share the stories and the use of imagination and creativity with others.

Whether you're a collector that keeps these in box, or a parent that buys them for your kid to play with:  You both have something in common.  You have memories that you have of your own toys, be it girl or boy toys, and you have memories that you've got for others.  You admire these pieces, and yeah some people speculate on their eventual worth.  But you still admire them!

I guess my whole point with this post is to remind each and every one of you that imagination and creativity is important.  That these toys that made our childhood are as important today as they were to us back in the 80's.  Enjoy the Nostalgia and if you're a parent, next time your kid plays with his or her toys, take a moment and just WATCH!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Items for Summer! (Or where has my mind gone?)

Lots has changed since I originally began this blog what feels like eons ago.  I've changed, the way I've worked changed, and even what I'm doing has changed!  How?  Glad you asked!  Or even if you didn't, I'd still tell you.  Yeah, I'm still snarky and sarcastic.  Yeah, I'm still trying to make money.  But now I've got a new venture.

And what is Beyond Mortality Toys N More?  It's on online toy store.  We've got action figures and vehicles right now, pretty heavy in the Star Wars department.  We've also got pre-orders available for some of the hottest properties out there!  Like what?  

Daryl Dixon from AMC's Walking Dead.  I'm talking the 10" highly detailed figure.  And for $3.00 off the Suggested Retail price of $36.99!  Plus shipping of course.  
What else do we have for pre order? 

All for under Suggested Retail price!

I'm also trying to get off of disability using this business.  To get to the point where I'm helping support my family through hard work and dedication.  Why?  Because even though times are tough, I know I can do it.  I know that there's a want for things like what I sell through this company and website, and I know that all I have to do is reach the right audiences.  That's part of the reason that I'm retooling this blog completely! 

But to do that, we need to expand.  Right now I've got two different crowdfunding opportunities for you to choose from:  Indie GoGo and GoFundMe.  Both have awesome perks/rewards.  Both will go directly to growing the business.........this means I won't take a cut for personal stuff.  It all goes towards the business, nothing else.  Once the business starts to be self-sustaining and profitable, then it'll be supporting my family.  But I'm not stupid, I know that everything HAS to go to the business to begin with.  It's the way things are.  So go check out the campaigns please, donate if ya can, share if nothing else.

Next time I post, I promise much more fluff and reviews and stuff.  Until then here's all the links once again:

Beyond Mortality Toys N More: